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свитер с предложением кредита 2%

Цена:30 000 тенге.
Продавец:ИНФО ПГФ
Адрес:Алматы, Казахстан

Customers with bad credit history can now get a loan If this is you, then we will provide you with a loan from 3 million tenge, we work with all cities of Kazakhstan, loan approval and transfer occurs within 30 minutes. Self-employed, unemployed, under debt control, students and anyone else can apply and receive a loan the same day. Are you having a sleepless night because of your current financial situation, is your business suffering due to lack of finances, are your children unable to go to school because you don't have money to pay school fees. Is your bank or other financial company refusing to give you a loan because of your bad credit history?  To apply, reply to this ad or send an email to the email address shown in the photo of our ad.