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Мы выдаем кредит наличными безработным из черного списка и всем желающим

Цена:3 000 000 тенге.
Продавец:ИНФО ПГФ
Адрес:Алматы, Казахстан

We issue cash loans to blacklisted unemployed people and to everyone who wants it Our application does not require collateral, a guarantor or a credit check. Once you respond to our advertisement, fill out the application form, the loan will be approved within 30 minutes and we guarantee that the money will be in your account on the same day of application. You know that we give anyone over 18 years of age a loan of 3 million tenge in any currency, the maximum you can get is 80 million tenge. As a business or company you can receive up to 200 million. To apply, reply to this advert or find our contact email address in the photo of any of our adverts and we will smile at you. Are you struggling to pay off your debt, start a business, pay for school, finance an existing business, renovate your home, or buy a new car? Loan, Credit, Finance. Cash, Money, Debt