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продам : Контракт JP54

Dear Sir,

I bring to your attention the new existing CONTRACT and JP54 which is already signed by the Seller.

The seller sells in the first month of Spot in volume of 3,000,000,00 bbl with transition to the annual contract in volume
3-5,000,000.00 bbl on the term of delivery of FOB Port Novorossisk.

The resource from RN and the Seller is appointed by it...

Price, Credit Period & Currency

The Gross Price is to be maximum of US$79.00+2 (commission) (Seventy-nine+twoUS Dollars) of per barrel.

The price accepted and the Agency Commission the BUYER of 2 USD/BBL has to pay surely.
Them, which: 1 USD/bbl - it is closed by the Seller
1 USD/bbl will be 50% for 50% share.

The buyer has to pay the commission.

If the Buyer is strongly ready to buy JP54 on this procedure, the price and for these conditions, I then will send
the CONTRACT signed by the Seller (the original on 16 pages) where the Buyer will need only to enter himself with all requisites to set the signature, the seal the and the transaction will take place.

Very much we ask you to accelerate with the answer not to be late.

If the final buyer is interested to buy JP54 and wants to bring price adjustment, it is necessary to send LOI on the letterhead addressed to the specified seller (with an obligatory mark: through Yakov Lee).

The seller will consider LOI only from the real and final buyer of JP54.

CODE: “SPT/OIH/OMT/JP-54/63M/122014”


This agreement is made and entered into legal effective on this date, December 04th, 2014 by and between the following Parties:

S. PETROELEUM, LLC, a corporation legally established under the laws of the State of Michigan, United States of America, under the Register N° E4788W, with corporate address at 2875 Northwind Drive, East Lansing, Michigan 48223, United States of America; and Europe Executive Office at Calle 2, Suite B-E, Borox, Toledo 45222, Spain, represented herein by its Executive Director, Mr. A. I. A., bearer, issued by the Government of Paraguay; referred to herein as the BUYER


____________________________________, a corporation legally registered under the laws of …………………., under the Register N° ______________, addressed ______________________________; represented herein by its …………………., Mr. ……………………………………..., bearer of Passport N° …………………, issued by the Government of ………………….., to herein as the SELLER;

1. Definitions

Except where the context otherwise indicates, the following terms shall have the meaning as described to them in this paragraph 1, and shall include plural as well as singular.

“Bill of Lading”

The official document, issued at the load port after completion of the loading operations, stating, among other things, the ship’s loaded quality, expressed in Cubic Meters (M3) and in Metric Tons (MT) or barrels per the definitions herein. This document has to be signed in original by the ship’s Master and made out in accordance with the instruction hereinafter specified in the agreement.


Strictly as referred to in the interpretations defined by INCOTERMS, Edition 2000 with latest amendments.

“Loading Date”

The date mutually accepted by both the SELLER and the BUYER as the date on which the nominated international Surveyor Company has ascertained the quantity and quality of the product pumped into the Buyer’s designated vessel.


Platt’s McGraw Hill, London is the organization internationally recognized and accepted who publish official market prices of petroleum products on a daily basis.

“Execution Date”

The date on which the SELLER and the BUYER receive their respective faxed copies of this agreement, or as may be indicated otherwise in The Agreement.


Standards referenced to this Agreement are those in effect as at July 1st 1993. In the event that such Standards are subsequently revised or modified or new standards are issued, the new revised or modified standards will apply. Each party must advise the other party to this Agreement, within three (3) months after such revision, new or modified Standards are introduced and until such this standards shall be used.


Shall mean any company or corporation of seller or buyer which owns directly or indirectly fifty (50) percent or more of the shares carrying voting rights of such party (party company) and any company or corporation other than such party of which such parent company or such party owns directly or indirectly fifty (50) percent or more of the shares carrying voting rights.


Shall mean the JP54 JET FUEL Sales / Purchase Contract of which these specific provisions agreed between Buyer and Seller form the conditions of Sales and Purchase.

shall mean American Petroleum Ins


Контактное лицо:  Yakov

Предприятие:  Harmony LLC

Телефоны:  +77017334599

E-mail:  написать письмо

21.12.2014     Алматы, Казахстан

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