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Получите кредит за 30 минут

Тип объявления: прочееОпубликовано: 28.11.2023
Цена:30 000 тенге.
Продавец:ИНФО ПГФ
Телефоны: Написать сообщение
Адрес:Алматы, Казахстан
We don't stalk our clients, you can borrow money from us to pay off an old loan, start or fund an existing business, and then get an affordable monthly payment. So what are you waiting for? Please share this post on your contact list so that you, your family and friends can get the loan you need today without any stress. Do you want to have your own car, house or apartment? Are you tired of public transport or harassment from landlords? Did you know you can get a loan today to buy your home in full and then give us an affordable monthly payment back?
Here's our offer: We provide cheap, affordable loans to blacklisted clients, clients under debt review, or clients with damaged credit histories. Your loan will be approved within 30 minutes after filling out the loan application form, the only document required for this loan is your identification document and the signing of the loan agreement.
To apply, send us a direct message to the email address shown in the promotional image.